Welcome to Airstrike – the Spectrum remake of the Bomber game !

You are a pilot of a plane tasked to destroy city, just to erase it from the surface of Earth – otherwise your task won’t be considered as a finished one. Game control is not just easy, it is very easy. The bomb hatch is always open, simply press ANY key and the bombs will start falling. Beware of high buildings – you do not have so many parachutes. For the lasybones we have a cheat-system, e. g. infinite parachutes, no going-down for the plane, possibility to skip taking off and landing etc. So, just run our game and you will see it all yourself.
Optimal Requirements: At least Windows’95, a video card, a keyboard and a mouse. Control – any key/mouse button. Pause – F10, exit to menu – ESC.

Download Airstrike