Elems is an arcade logical puzzle-game and its goal is to collect Shards of the Life Ball, scattered across 32 levels in 4 zones: Hell, Ice, Stone and Water. While playing, the Imp Guardian (the main character) has to collect all Shards of the Life Ball on the current level to proceed to the next one.


The character might be both aided and hindered by the following Elems or natural phenomena:

Stone Elem

Beware of dropping on the head


Teleports the Character

to different level locations

Fire Elem

Burns everything alive


Gives an additional life

Water Elem

Puts out the Fire Elem

Energy Barrier

Unpassable if not turned off

Energy Elem

Adds Life Energy


Turns Energy Barrier off

Gravity Elem

Reverses the gravity for the

opposite one for 15 seconds


Opens upon collecting

the last Shard on the level



Movement – cursor keys/WASD, «Fire» – Shift, Alt, Ctrl и Space.



Download Elems demo version on PC